Thursday, 12 May 2016

Trans Gothic in Literature and Culture

New book

TransGothic in Literature and Culture


Introduction Jolene Zigarovich,

Jolene Zigarovich is Assistant Professor in the Department of Languages & Literatures at the University of Northern Iowa, USA.

Part I. Gothic Transgenderism 

1. Transtextuality in the Male Gothic: Beckford, Lewis, Byron Nowell Marshall

2. Transgothic Desire in Charlotte Dacre’s Zofloya Jolene Zigarovich

3. Private Memoirs and Strange Cases: Temporality and Transhistory in Hogg and Stevenson Christopher Nagle

Part II. Gothic Transembodiment

4.Monster Trans: Diffrracting Affect, Reading Rage Harlan Weaver

5. ’We Had Disgraced Ourselves as Englishmen Forever’: Transforming Imperial, Religious, and Cultural Rhetoric in Three fin-de-si├Ęcle Werewolf Tales Ardel Thomas

6. Go to Hell: William Beckford’s Skewed Heaven and Hell Jeremy Chow

Part III. Gothic Transhistoricities, Transmedia, & Transgenres

7. Gothic Gender in Skin Suits, or The (Transgender) Skin I Live In Anson Koch-Rein

8. Gothic Hybridity: The Contemporary Gothic as Transgeneric Mode Xavier Aldana-Reyes

9. The State of Play: Transgressive Caricature and Transnational Enlightenment Ian McCormick
Conclusion Jolene Zigarovich

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