Monday, 5 August 2013

Australian Bunyip Monster

The Last Lemurian: a Westralian Romance  by Scott, [George] Firth

"Adventure story set in Western Australia of the discovery of pigmy subhuman people ruled over by Tor Ymmothe, the last Lemurian." - Locke, A Spectrum of Fantasy, p. 191.

 "Exuberant, somewhat ludicrous semi-juvenile adventure romance ... Motifs include a lost race of Lemurians who live around an extinct volcano; a bunyip -- a monster with a human head, crocodile body, and assorted appendages; a sleeping beauty who awakens but later crumbles into dust; a curse laid on the land by a mistreated missionary; semi-vampirism and bondage; alchemical gold; and a ghost."

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London: James Bowden ... New York: M. F. Mansfield,. [1898]. original pictorial green cloth, front panel stamped in white, black, red and gold, spine panel stamped in gold..

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