Friday, 5 August 2011

Hungarian Conjoined Twins

 Hungarian Sisters, Helen and Judith, were born in 1701 at Szony in Hungary. Placed in a convent at 9 years.

Here are some "Verses" inscribed on a bronze statuette of them:

Two sisters wonderful to behold, who have thus grown as one,
That naught their bodies can divide, no power beneath the sun.
The town of Szoenii gave them birth, hard by far-famed Komorn,
Which noble fort may all the arts of Turkish sultans scorn.
Lucina, woman's gentle friend, did Helen first receive;
And Judith, when three hours had passed, her mother's womb did leave.
One urine passage serves for both; - one anus, so they tell;
The other parts their numbers keep, and serve their owners well.
Their parents poor did send them forth, to world to travel through,
That this great wonder of the age should not be hid from view.
The inner parts concealed do lie hid from our eyes, alas!
But all the body here you view erect in solid brass.
(See Fisher, Transactions of the Medical Society of the State of New York, 1866).

You can also find an image of them here.

Examples of Medieval Monsters:

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